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Development projects and their processes can be overwhelming with the sheer volume of detail involved in bringing a project to completion. So many things can take precedence over marketing, resulting in this key factor being pushed to the side until units are in production. We understand the importance of offering your lender of choice a marketing package along with your proposal. An Integrity Real Estate agent can assist with this process, lightening the load and allowing you to do what you do best – develop – while we do what we do best – marketing!

No development is too large or small; we stand by, ready to assist you at whatever level is needed. Our experience allows us to prepare materials for a small development of single-family homes or for multiple, large subdivisions, condominium developments, both attached and site condominiums, and everything in between. Your needs drive our process. We take the time to learn your target market, your quality standards, and many other facets of your development. Rest assured your marketing interests are in good hands when you partner with Integrity Real Estate Services.

We are happy to assist you from the beginning to the end of your development project. We will work with you to create a relevant and effective project message, as well as effective marketing to the demographic your development is, or will be, built for. We can accomplish these goals with the following process:

1. Identify

  • Locate land with development or redevelopment potential.
  • Provide a comparable analysis to achieve the optimal price point(s).

2. Potential Study

  • Conduct a market trend analysis of the target neighborhood, as well as similar neighborhoods.
  • Review architectural design & provide consultation services.
  • Provide the targeted buyer’s perspective and determine their purchasing power.

3. Design

  • Provide architectural and design services networking.
  • Assist in the development application and documentation processes.
  • Confirm future land use, zoning requirements, and required permits.
  • Provide pricing analysis and recommendations for your development’s price points.
  • Assist in networking with local trades and suppliers.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with you. To learn more about Integrity Real Estate Services and our core principles, select “Sustain”, “Contribute” and “Inspire”.

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